Robert Wayne's Bio
Robert Wayne has his roots in the Caribbean. Grew up in the USA he currently lives in Germany.
"I play with various bands and different styles of music from Soca, Calypso, Reggae, Salsa over Jazz, Latin Jazz, R&B, Soul, Funk and sometimes Pop.

Robert Wayne started his career in Germany as a musician more than 10 years ago. Before, he worked as a diving-teacher on the Caribbean island TOBAGO. Then he deeply fell in love with his German wife and moved to Germany. He became a Jazz musician.

It was pure accident that one day he got a leaflet of "Aidlinger Jazztage" in the end of 1995. He quickly decided to buy an E-Bass and joined the "Workshop for Beginners". He learned very quickly and it was only natural that he played a great "Walking Line" at the end of the first concert successfully. Robert Wayne himself was very keen on practicing and he tried to play every piece of good music.

In 1998 he became a member of the "Renninger Bow-Tie-Big band". After 2 years of working together he left the band for his own development approach. He also earns some money for playing the Upright bass.
Then he started mixing up these various musical styles like Reggae, Blues and Funk. New contacts to the Bass-player Alvin Mills were offered by Pops Wilson. Alvin Mills also organized a TV appearance together with Mary J. Blidge.

A short time ago Robert Wayne has recorded his new CD titled " Robert Wayne plays Wayne Shorter" at the Maryland-Studios in Weil der Stadt in cooperation with Pianist Daniel Prandl, Saxophonist Ray Blue and Bassist Niklas Deegs


TOBAGO Ah Tobago sweet Tobago (Home), When God started to make the world! he stated in Tobago and then Continued with the rest of the world.

Tobago is part of the twin Island state to Trinidad and Tobago. Tobago is the most southerly Island of the Caribbean chain and the last tourist haven that is still unspoiled.
Tobago is 35km long and 7km wide and has a lot offer any who visits it shores. the southern end of the Island is known as the party side and the northern end is natures paradise.

The Northern end of Tobago has a lot to offer, the drive up the Atlantic side on the windward road which is lined with villages with unique names such as Mount St George, Study Park, Pembroke, Richmond further up Delaford, Louie Doir, Roxborough, Speyside, and Charlottesville, just to mane few. For the nature lover this is the best end you have the rain forest with rich verity of birds, insects, plants and animals, you can get guided tours to the rain forest, one the best is H. McDonald (Jaws). You also have Goat Island and Little Tobago AKA Bird of Paradise Island, Jaws Would be able to give you all the history about the two Islands.

You can drive the on Caribbean side of the this where you will find name such as Great Courland Bay, Culloden Bay, Arnos- Vale, Castara, Parlatuvier, Bloody Bay, to name a few, you can see the Sisters, The Brothers, and St Giles Islands from this where I might add you get some very good Big Game fishing and some good diving.

Now for the party side of the Island the southern end, The airport, Store Bay, Pigeon Point, Mount Irvine, and the list goes on (you can find out more where to go when you get there). Store Bay is one of the more popular beach in Tobago along with Pigeon Point, Store Bay Beach is free its a public beach with beach facilities such as showers, toilets, bar which also sever food. Store Bay also has one of the best eating area on the Island, about 100 yards from the beach you will find quaint little store that sell freshly made local dishes, for around 20 TT dollar or 4 US dollars you get a great meal with a large drink of you choice, (Miss Trims Has the best food). Store Bay is famous for is life (ask for Jaws or Cappy) guards they are Friendly, honest and very helpful.

Pigeon Point is a 10 to 15 min walk from Store Bay unlike Store Bay at Pigeon Point you have to pay to enter (12TT Dollars), inside Pigeon Point you will find a beach bar, beach chairs water sports such as Wind Surfing you can play volley ball and so on most people like Pigeon Point because it the way they picture the Caribbean but watch out for falling coconut (joke).

Diving: Tobago has some of the best diving the Caribbean has to offer. It has a high fish population in most places and a wide range of soft and hard coral. Here is a list of some dive operations on the Island.

Tobago Dive Masters owned and operated by Ellis John, contact: Phone/fax +(868) 639-4697 Phone only +(868) 660-5924 E-mail sensei@trinidad.netPostal Address: P.O. Box 351 Scarborough. Tobago, WI

Undersea Tobago LTD the first and only shop in Tobago to offer mix gas diving. Owned and operated by Derek & Evelyn Chung, contact: Phone +(868)639-7759, Cell Phone +(868)6804209, Postal Address P.O. Box 1105 Canaan, Tobago, WI E-mail undersea@tstt.tt

Snorkelling & Scuba Diving in Tobago with Coco Motion
Snorkelling & Scuba Diving are two of the most exciting ways to experience Tobago's natural beauty. Add to that the excitement of a high speed ride aboard Coco Motion, a 31ft cigarette hulled offshore powerboat. The powerful twin engines can whisk you to some of the best snorkelling spots along Tobago's lush and lovely coastline. If scuba diving is more to your liking, we can show you some of the most exciting seascapes and marine life in, not only Tobago, but the Caribbean.

Contact: Coco Motion - 44 Andwele Road - Lowlands - Tobago - (868) 639-2449 or (868)686-0082

NEW LOCATION - SAME GREAT SERVICE Our office and classroom are now located at Toucan Inn on Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point.
Scuba Diving in Tobago - the most exciting way to experience the breathtaking beauty of Caribbean scuba diving. The nutrient rich waters surrounding Tobago attract a wide variety of coral and fish life and scuba diving offers a unique opportunity to enjoy this tremendous species diversity. Jewel-toned Creole Wrasse chase each other through schools of silvery Bermuda Chub over reefs covered with multi-coloured corals and sponges twisted and sculpted by the currents. Under the ledges, Morays and Nurse Sharks can often be seen. Although much of the scuba diving here in Tobago is drift diving, the currents vary in strength from site to site, so there is something here for every experience level from novice to the most experienced scuba diver. Wreck diver, photographer, explorer; whatever your preference, dive in and experience Caribbean scuba diving at its best, here in Tobago where the scuba diving is unparallelled.

R & Sea's office and classroom are located at Toucan Inn on Store Bay Local Road, within walking distance of many of the other hotels and guesthouses in the Crown Point/Pigeon Point area. Toucan Inn offers accommodations in cabanas around the pool as well as in rooms around the garden court. This is where the classroom and confined water sessions for PADI scuba diving courses are conducted. If you are staying at one of the other hotels or guesthouses in the area, we'll be happy to pick you up, free of charge.

Departure point for our daily scuba diving trips is from our dive shop on the beach along the road to Pigeon Point, which is one of Tobago's most popular beaches. Our rental department has a full range of scuba regulators, BCDs, masks and snorkels, torches and wet suits available for those who don't have their own diving gear. Some of the dive sites within a short boat ride from the dive shop include Flying Reef, Cove Crack, The Shallows and Majeston. Heading north on the Caribbean side of the island, Mount Irvine Wall and the wreck of the MV Maverick are two of the most popular scuba diving sites around Tobago. Visits to The Sisters and Speyside are arranged on request of 4 or more divers. If you would like to make a trip to either of these areas, let us know and we will try to schedule it during your stay. Visit our Dive Sites page for brief descriptions of some of the dives we offer. Scuba diving in Tobago ... there's nothing else quite like it.

In addition to offering scuba diving charters, 7 days a week, we also offer the full range of PADI certification courses from Open Water Diver to Divemaster, with one of our certified Instructors. If you'd like to try scuba diving before deciding if you would like to do a full certification course, then try our Discover Scuba Diving program, which is a fun, easy introduction to scuba. Our rates page has more information about the various PADI dive courses and instruction we offer. As members of A.T.D.O., the Association of Tobago Dive Operators, we follow certain rules and regulations put in place for the safety of all who participate in scuba diving activities in Tobago. These include having boat to base contact, not allowing unescorted diving and ensuring that dive guides carry surface markers for the dive boats to follow throughout the dive.

R & Sea Divers - Toucan Inn, Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point, Tobago - Phone/Fax (868)639-8120R&Sea Diver's Company Limited